App Update
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iOS 2.7.0 & Android 1.1.3 New Featuresnew features: User-friendly interface, abby Academy with resources, growing diary, unread notifications, metric/imperial switch and more!
2.7.1 (iOS) and 1.1.4 (Android) Update Log
Hey abby iOS 2.9.1 Android 1.3.1 Update LogBrand new trend design, pop up tool tips and enhanced VIP center.
Firmware Update LogAll firmware Update will be logged here for record.Hey abby's algorithm engineer, growers, and hardware team are working closely to improve
IOS 2.8.1 and Android 1.2.1 Update LogOptimized starting tutorial; added video guides
iOS 2.9.2 & Android 1.3.2 Update LogMajor Experience Update: Enhanced task system, quick login, and time-lapse reel posts!
iOS 2.9.4 & Android 1.3.4 Update LogFeaturing Budcam compatibility and new capabilities
iOS 2.9.5 & Android 1.3.7 Update LogNow fully supports the 420 edition, improved task feature, and added a burn-proof mode for OG.
IOS 2.9.6 & Android 1.3.8 Update LogBug fixes and enhanced user experience based on community feedback.
IOS & Android 3.0.0 Update Log🎉 Welcoming the hey abby APP 3.0! We're proudly introducing a new addition: Grow Journal module.
IOS & Android 3.1 Update LogWelcome to hey abby 3.1! We're excited to introduce multiple Grow Spaces and a pack of new features.
IOS & Android 3.2 Update LogFull compatibility with Hey abby's Bluetooth pH meter
IOS & Android 3.3 Update LogUnveiling over 50 digital assets and a revolutionary update to the Trend!
IOS & Android 3.4 Update LogOur latest update expands accessory compatibility and introduces Pro Mode presets for increased control and convenience.
IOS & Android 3.5 Update Log✨ All-new control center for smoother, more straightforward experience
IOS & Android 3.5.2 Update LogThis update aims to enhance user experience for smoother navigation
IOS & Android 3.6 Update LogHey abby store now seamlessly integrated into the app. Happy shopping!
IOS & Android 3.7 Update LogMonitor your growth with our new growing chart feature!
IOS & Android 3.8 Update LogNow fully compatible with the Black Edition Grow Box