IOS & Android 3.0.0 Update Log

πŸŽ‰ Welcoming the hey abby APP 3.0! We're proudly introducing a new addition: Grow Journal module.

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We are pleased to announce our biggest update this year: the hey abby APP 3.0 (IOS/Android) with a groundbreaking Grow Journal module!

A grow journal is a must-have for dedicated growers, offering insights into every phase across the plant's life cycle. With meticulous records at hand, you can effortlessly replicate successful harvests or learn from previous missteps. Thanks to the advanced sensor array in Hey abby's hydroponic grow boxes, your growing data seamlessly merges into the journal, without any needs for manual logging. This not only saves time but ensures utmost precision.

For growers striving to refine the skills and comprehend plant intricacies, this update introduces a transformative way to assist you - simply document, analyze, and learn lessons from every unique growing journey you embark on, starting now.

Official Release Log

In this update, you can expect the following changes:

  1. Added a grow journal module for users to log the plant's grow journey;

  2. UI enhancement and bug fixes.


A Full Timeline of Grow Journey

In the 3.0 version, you will be able to have a clear view of every step of your plant's journey from seed to harvest. The entire journey is broken down into several stages, which makes tracking a breeze.

hey abby grow journal_main interface

Different Types of Grow Journal

We've introduced 3 types of grow journals: log, actions and training.

1. Log

Much like the trend post, it offers a similar experience, but with additional fields for detailed tracking.

In a traditional grow journal, you may first have to read multiple meters, and then manually enter or jot down data. However, in hey abby's log module, it only takes a few clicks.

hey abby grow journal_log interface

*In the upcoming updates, the log can be shared as a trend post.

2. Actions

Here you can categorize all the regular actions throughout the growing process, and customize them according to your needs.

For instance, you can select the type of water used in the reservoir and add notes for each action.

hey abby grow journal_actions interface

3. Training

Training plays a pivotal role in your plants' growth. That's why we've developed a Grow Journal submodule specifically for this practice. Feel free to record the "before" and "after" pictures to witness the evident impact of specific training techniques.

hey abby grow journal_training interface

*In the upcoming updates, the training journal can be shared as a trend post.

Multiple Plant Bookkeeping

Now you can log not just the current plant, but also access the journal of your previous plants. In simple terms, each plant you grow has its own individual record.

UI enhancement

Please note the device manager icon has been updated.

hey abby app device manager

Differences Between Calendar and Grow Journal

The calendar system functions primarily as a to-do list, while the grow journal logs completed tasks. Currently, in auto mode, users have access to the official hey abby smart calendar. In the future, we will introduce a custom calendar system. Growers will then have the capability to create and share their own calendars. Stay tuned!

For Pro Mode Users

For Pro mode users, the log now serves as a tool to monitor progress and record unlocked growth stages. We have many ideas to elevate the Pro mode experience even further - dive into this article to explore them all!

Final Words

The APP 3.0 marks a new era of our product development, that is we're advancing our mission from "Anyone Can Grow" to "Grow Like a Pro." It's true, with Hey abby, anyone can learn to grow in days and achieve impressive yields in a few months. However, growing is about more than just yield; it involves engagement, knowledge, adventure, and a sustainable lifestyle.

We acknowledge that the Hey abby grow box is just one of many cultivation set-ups one might have at home. Growers need flexibility. Whether it's with Hey abby, a tent, or a simple flower pot, our grow journal will soon be accessible to every grower, providing a platform to cultivate, document, and share.

At the end of the day, Hey abby doesn't just connect plants; it connects people.

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