IOS & Android 3.4 Update Log

Our latest update expands accessory compatibility and introduces Pro Mode presets for increased control and convenience.

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Embark on a smarter growing journey with our latest app update! Now featuring expanded accessory compatibility and Pro Mode presets. Explore the possibilities today!

Official Release Log

  1. Now supporting R200/201 and R300 accessories on the app;

  2. Growers can save up to 5 preset settings in Pro Mode;

  3. Bug fixes.


Integration with More Smart Accessories

Now you can control 3 more accessories seamlessly with the hey abby APP on your smartphone for better grow space management:





Product Name

Indoor Humidity Temperature Monitor with LCD Display

Mini Wireless Humidity Temperature Sensor

Smart Power Strip with 2.4G WIFI (4 Outlets + 4 USB Ports)





Where to Buy

Pro Mode Presets

hey abby APP Pro Mode Presets

We're thrilled to introduce a significant enhancement to Pro Mode—you can create and store up to 5 distinct preset plans! Tailor your settings for various growth stages and seamlessly switch between plans, putting yourself in complete control of your cultivation journey.

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