IOS & Android 3.5 Update Log

✨ All-new control center for smoother, more straightforward experience

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In the latest 3.5 version of the app, discover the fully-equipped control center for your Hey abby experience! Update now for smoother and more straightforward management of your automated grow box.

Plus, through this update, you'll be able to receive timely alerts when your smart humidifier needs a refill.

Official Release Log

  1. Redesigned the environment card UI, making it a comprehensive control center;

  2. Optimized the germination process with an improved video guide;

  3. Introduced an “Add Water” reminder for humidifiers. (By estimating the humidifier’s running time, the app issues reminders and intelligently shuts off its power to maximize the lifespan)

  4. Bug fixes.


All-New Control Center

Hey abby APP Environment Card

hey abby APP new control center

Experience an enhanced environment card UI—now it turns into a comprehensive control center.

Elevate Your Smart Humidifier Experience

hey abby APP add water reminder for humidifier

Introducing a new "Add Water" reminder for Hey abby humidifiers! The app will prompt you based on an estimate of the humidifier’s running time and smartly shut off its power to maximize the device lifespan.

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