iOS 2.9.5 & Android 1.3.7 Update Log

Now fully supports the 420 edition, improved task feature, and added a burn-proof mode for OG.

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Official Release Log

In this update, you can expect the following changes:

  1. The app is now fully compatible with the Hey abby 420 edition.

  2. Added a "Burn Proof" mode (OG edition only) to utilize OG's ultrasonic sensor.This feature will also automatically dim the light to avoid burning the buds. (This feature is turned off by default the users can decide whether to turn it on)

  3. Added a preview function in the calendar. You can now click the task and preview the video and instructions ahead of time. You can also revisit previous tasks and check the tutorial videos.

  4. Fixed a bug; previously when some users delayed switching growth stages, the water change task would not be generated.


Burn Proof Mode

Please note: Burn Proof mode is only for the OG Edition grow box.

Burn proof is not available if you are using the pro mode to avoid the setting confilct.

How does it work?

The Hey abby OG grow cabinet is equipped with a premium ultrasonic sensor that can detect the height of the plant. During the flowering/auto-flowering stage, when the burn proof mode turned on, the grow lights will dim to protect the flower from burning if your plant is taller than 80% of the chamber height for longer than 30 minutes.

How to turn the mode on?

The Burn Proof Mode is off by default. You can turn it on in the settings menu. Just make sure there are no other objects (like accessories) above 20 inches in the grow box. These objects may misguide the sensor reading.

turn on/off the hey abby APP Burn-Proof Mode

Once the mode is on, you will see the status tab in your environment cards.

hey abby APP Burn-Proof Mode_plant environment tab

If my lights are dimmed, will the plant still produce enough for the flower?

The light intensity is highly related to the distance from the lights to the flowers. When the Burn-Proof mode is on, the flowers are already too close to the light, which would result in albino buds that are harsh to smoke. The dim light intensity will still ensure the top flowers get enough light without actually burning the buds.

Plant Training is important

The Burn-Proof Mode is a very high-tech feature. But it should be viewed as a last resort measure and we hope you will never have to use it. It is important to follow the app instructions and perform proper plant training during the veg stage. Hundreds of harvesters have already proved you can get great yields in a relatively smaller space with proper training.

Task Preview

Now the tasks are clickable. Simply click the task to preview the tutorials and get ready.

hey abby APP_preview task video tutorials

Rate Hey abby

Your feedback is invaluable to us and to new Hey abby growers. This is the 12th app update of the year and your suggestions allow us to make both regular and relevant improvements.

We'd greatly appreciate it if you could take a minute to share your experience with our app so far. As always, we thank you for your patience and continued support!

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