IOS & Android 3.5.2 Update Log

This update aims to enhance user experience for smoother navigation

Updated over a week ago

In this update, we've enhanced the user experience when viewing community posts, navigating Pro Mode, and adjusting various parameters. These improvements aim to make your experience with the hey abby APP smoother and more enjoyable.

Official Release Log

  1. Added the height detection module for OG Edition Box. (for Android users)

  2. Optimized the Trend display algorithm. New posts, especially from the same day, now receive greater prominence.

  3. Added a 'Following' tag to the Trend section for easier browsing of preferred grower posts.

  4. Improved the comment count method to include all sub-comments.

  5. Enhanced the preset functionality in pro mode. Presets are now saved with your account and will remain when changing phones or reinstalling the app.

  6. Refined instructions for Fan Speed Tuning, Smart Add-On Automations, and Draining.

  7. Added solution context for various error codes.

  8. Bug fixes.

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