iOS 2.9.2 & Android 1.3.2 Update Log

Major Experience Update: Enhanced task system, quick login, and time-lapse reel posts!

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Official Release Log

In this update, you can expect the following changes:

  1. Enhanced Task System: all task instructions now include detailed videos. Plant training tasks are now scheduled on the same day as water changes to minimize user workload.

  2. iOS users can now log in with Google and Apple ID

  3. Users can now change their password via the settings page

  4. New Post Option: users can now share Time-Lapse Reel Posts in Trend. Select up to 16 photos to show off your plant's progress.

  5. During the draining process, users can now browse and interact with community content.

  6. Added a "Skip" button on the Draining page. Users can now enjoy more control over the process.

  7. Improved Logic: users previously could not drain manually when the water level was low. This has been resolved.


Task Time Efficiency

Water changes and plant training were previously scheduled on different days. This meant growers would need to tend to their plant frequently. Even though these tasks took less than a minute, it was inconvenient be called over so often.
The new system creates task groups, where users can complete multiple tasks in less than 10 minutes. This will save you from frequent trips to your Hey abby grow closet. Each task is now also complete with the most up-to-date tutorial video.

Time-Lapse Reels

You can now select up to 16 photos to create a time-lapse reel to share with the Trend community. Our user-friendly interface allows you to add the pictures from your Trend Post or photo album. Users can also generate GIF animations within Trend as well.

Quick Login (iOS only)

Users can now log in with their Google account or Apple ID. Existing users can link their accounts so they no longer need to enter their password each time.

Facebook and other fast logins will be added in later versions.

hey abby APP Login Interface

User-Friendly Drain Experience

The drain interface has been redesigned. Users can now enjoy the latest and most popular Trend posts while completing the drain process. The interface is similar to Tiktok's slide-to-browse style and allows you to engage with the community during your weekly draining task.

hey abby APP Trend Post Interface

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Your feedback is invaluable to us and to new Hey abby growers. This is the 9th app update of the year and your suggestions allow us to make both regular and relevant improvements.

We'd greatly appreciate if you could take a minute to share your experience with our app so far. As always, we thank you for your patience and continued support.

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