IOS & Android 3.3 Update Log

Unveiling over 50 digital assets and a revolutionary update to the Trend!

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The latest 3.3 app update has just been launched, bringing with it a host of exciting new features and improvements. 🚀

Official Release Log

  1. We’ve introduced over 50 new digital assets, including achievement badges, avatar frames and wallpapers, to enhance community interactions;

  2. In the Trend, users now can follow fellow growers and gain followers;

  3. Trend is now live on the web version;

  4. Hey abby subscribers can now accumulate additional Oxygen Coins as they grow.


Digital Delights

Dive into our most extensive update yet, featuring over 50 new digital assets to enhance your community interactions. Explore a range of achievement badges, stylish frames, and wallpapers designed to add a splash of fun to your growing journey!

Community Connections

hey abby APP Trend following other growers

Stay connected with the green thumbs you admire! Our Trend Update now allows you to follow fellow growers and gain followers, ensuring you're always in the loop with top-notch growing insights.

Trend Goes Beyond

Introducing the web version of Trend, currently in beta! It’s a fresh way to access the thriving Hey abby community and participate in discussions, now with the convenience of your browser.

Oxygen Coins Boost

Hey abby subscribers, we’ve got great news! You'll now accumulate additional Oxygen Coins as you grow, giving you even more to enjoy as part of your subscription perks.

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