IOS & Android 3.1 Update Log

Welcome to hey abby 3.1! We're excited to introduce multiple Grow Spaces and a pack of new features.

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The better we understand our community, the better we know what growers want. Growers don't just want something that can grow things automatically; they want to learn and interact with their plants. They are curious, caring, and eager to connect with the world through their new ideas.

So, with this update, our APP is now a comprehensive tool for growing, logging, and sharing. The possibilities are now in your hands!

Official Release Log

  1. Added support for different types of grow setups, from Hey abby grow box to a tent, all managed in one APP;

  2. You can connect Hey abby's APP-controlled accessories (BudCam, bluetooth pH meter) to the tent as well;

  3. Introduced OTP (one-time password) login for improved security;

  4. Added Log Share feature: Grow Log can be shared in the Trend as a post;

  5. Added Light Schedule Calibration feature: users can manually sync settings from the cloud server with a simple click in case of connection issues;

  6. You can unlock the next growth stage once a week as you see fit;

  7. Improved Budcam UI for private mode and nighttime use;

  8. You can use the built-in USB port to control third-party accessories, while the APP is not connected to any Hey abby's accessories;

  9. Added a water pump timer for PRO mode to support the drip irrigation kit;

  10. Enhanced user experience with a new opening screen featuring a plant growing animation;

  11. Fixed multiple bugs.


Multiple Grow Spaces

In our APP's Grow Spaces module, you can add a third-party tent into it, allowing you to manage both a Hey abby grow box and a grow tent within a single APP – pretty amazing, right? You can log the grow data for both setups, and with upcoming updates, you'll be able to compare the data with captivating charts.

Our Grow Space is designed to support up to 12 plants, and we've even included a handy "sync" tool. It allows you to log data for one plant and then effortlessly synchronize it with the others in the same Grow Space.

hey abby app grow spaces

Digitalize Your Grow Tent

Make your grow tent smarter with Hey abby's APP-controlled accessories. Currently, you can integrate the Budcam and Bluetooth pH meter into your tent from other brands. Stay tuned as we introduce more smart tools to enhance your tent's intelligence and overall experience.

add hey abby's accessories to third-party grow tents

OTP Login

Now, you can just use a single-use code sent to your email for hassle-free login. This means you no longer have to remember your password.

hey abby APP OTP login

Drip Irrigation Timer

Try out our new timer tool for Hey abby's drip irrigation growers. Get creative with it; the choice is yours. Note that this timer is exclusively available in Pro mode.

Hey abby Drip Irrigation timer tool

Unlock the Next Growth Stage

We've introduced a new option that lets you unlock the next stage as you see fit, and it can be performed once a week. Please use it at your own risk, and the manual unlock service provided by Hey abby team is no longer available.

Hey abby APP users unlock the next stage

Rate Hey abby

Your feedback is invaluable to us and to new Hey abby growers. Your suggestions allow us to make both regular and relevant improvements.

We'd greatly appreciate if you could take a minute to share your experience with our app so far. As always, we thank you for your patience and continued support.

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