IOS & Android 3.6 Update Log

Hey abby store now seamlessly integrated into the app. Happy shopping!

Updated over a week ago

In this update, we've hooked up the Hey abby's store right into our app, so now you can grab those grow boxes and add-ons with just a few taps. Plus, we've tinkered with the subscription activation process to make it even smoother.

Stay tuned for more updates as we keep on jazzing up your growing experience!

Official Release Log

  1. Integrated the Hey abby store into our app, allowing you to conveniently purchase grow boxes and add-ons right from your app.

  2. Enhanced the subscription activation process and improved the display for a smoother experience.

  3. Introduced device tags and stylish profile cards to your trend posts, making it easier for you to showcase your amazing work.


In-App Shopping

We've integrated the Hey abby store directly into our app, so now you can easily browse and purchase grow boxes and add-ons without ever leaving the app.

Enhanced Community Experience

hey abby app device tag

hey abby app profile cards

We've introduced device tags and stylish profile cards to your Trend posts, making it simpler for you to flaunt your incredible work and connect with fellow growers.

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