iOS 2.7.0 & Android 1.1.3 New Features

new features: User-friendly interface, abby Academy with resources, growing diary, unread notifications, metric/imperial switch and more!

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1. More User-Friendly for New Growers -Upon registering in the app, people interested in abby can scroll through Trend and get a feel for our community and the user growing experience -When starting a grow journey, users will receive photo/auto and strain recommendations -When starting to grow, strain names can automatically match similar strains in database

2. abby Academy -Provide users with useful resources (troubleshooting guides, growing wiki, abby instructions) -Tasks will be unlocked based on users growth stage -Include more previews: letting users know what to expect in new stages (ex. What pH is recommended, how often to do LST, etc)

3. Growing Diary (IOS ONLY) -When making a new trend post, users can document their pH and TDS (ppm) levels -Allows for more detailed documentation of user growing journey -Within the growing diary, users will also receive regular reminders to complete crucial tasks 4. Optimizing Trend Algorithm (IOS ONLY) -Posts that are currently displayed at the top will be updated -Posts that receive user engagement (likes, comments) will be favored by the algorithm

5. Unread Notification -The app will display pop-up notifications alerting users of unread or incomplete tasks

6. Lighting Schedule Display -Let users know if the lights should be on or off at a given time

7. Measurement System Selection -Users will now be able to select between the imperial and metric system

8. Clear Cache (Storage) -The app will now support cleaning out storage space occupied by photos and videos

9. Increased Button Size -Buttons with text will be enlarged to facilitate user experience

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