How to Replace the Air Pump

Learn how to replace the air pump of Hey abby grow box step by step.

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Want to renovate your Hey Abby grow kit by replacing some parts? Here you go.

Our expert team has created a series of tutorials that will guide you through the process of replacing several parts of your hydroponic grow boxes. These tutorials will cover:

Let's get started and learn how to replace the air pump in this article.

Air Pump Replacement Instruction

1. Remove the rear vent-panel of the box. It is held on by 8 screws;

how to replace the air pump of hey abby grow box_1

2. Locate the black pump;

3. Unplug the air hose and terminal connector- there is a tab that needs to be pinched before pulling it out of the connector;

how to replace the air pump of hey abby grow box_2

4. Slide the old pump to the right to remove it from the silicone strapping;

how to replace the air pump of hey abby grow box_3

5. You can now insert the new pump in place of the old one;

6. Plug in the hose to left side of the pump, and plug it into the terminal connector.

We hope this step-by-step guide has been helpful and easy to follow. Browse previous articles in Hey abby's Help Center if you want to learn more about the air pump, such as what it is and how to fix the possible issues.

*Disclaimer: These part replacement instructions pertain exclusively to original Hey abby parts that we've directly sent to you under the Hey abby warranty. Our warranty program does not cover any unauthorized third-party components.

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