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User's Guide to the Air Pump
User's Guide to the Air Pump

Discover the essential guide to using the air pump in your hey abby grow box for healthier and thriving plants. Smart planting made easy!

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The air pump is a crucial component of your Hey abby hydroponic grow box, ensuring your plants receive the proper oxygenation they need for healthy growth. To make the most out of your air pump and its functionalities, follow this comprehensive user's guide:

Mechanism of the Air Pump

The air pump in your Hey abby Grow Box is responsible for delivering oxygen to your plant's roots through the water in the reservoir. This constant flow of oxygen promotes robust root development and enhances nutrient uptake, effectively preventing problems such as cannabis nutrient deficiency.

Automatic Turn-Off Feature

The air pump is designed with an intelligent automatic turn-off feature to optimize its performance and prevent unnecessary energy consumption.

The air pump will turn off in the following conditions:

a. Draining is On:

When the grow box is in the process of draining excess water, the air pump will automatically turn off. This helps maintain the desired water level during the draining process.

b. Low Water Level in the Tank:

To avoid running the air pump in the absence of water, it will turn off automatically if the water level in the tank drops too low.

c. Germination and Drying Stage:

During the germination and drying stages of the growth cycle, the reservoir may be dry or nearly dry. As a result, the air pump will be turned off to prevent any operational issues.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

The air pump is a low-maintenance component of your Hey abby Grow Box Kits. However, if you encounter any issues with the air pump or suspect any malfunctions, please try to follow this guide to troubleshoot and reach out to the Hey abby support team if you need any further assistance.

We hope this user guide helps you better understand the functions and features of the air pump in your Hey abby growing system. By providing the optimal oxygenation for your plants, the air pump plays a vital role in cultivating healthy and thriving green companions. Enjoy your smart gardening journey with Hey abby!


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