How to Change Water in Hey abby

Learn how to change the water in your Hey abby Grow Box for healthy plant growth! Follow our simple steps for optimal growing conditions.

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Importance of Water Change in Hey abby Grow Box

Maintaining the right water quality is crucial for growing healthy plants with Hey abby indoor grow boxes. Properly maintaining the water quality is key to ensuring optimal plant health and maximizing your yields.

By keeping an eye on the water quality and making necessary adjustments, you can help your plants thrive and achieve their full potential. Neglecting this aspect of plant care can lead to poor growth, low yields, and even plant death.

Water Change Frequency during Vegetation and Flowering Stage

During the vegetation stage, it is recommended to change the water once a week. Whereas, in the flowering stage, the water change is required every three days.

Water Change Options: Manual vs. App-Prompted

You can either change the water manually or wait for the app's prompt. The settings page has a drain feature to facilitate the water change process.

Draining Water: Tips and Tricks

While draining water, the pump will stop every gallon, and you will need to tap "continue" twice in the app to complete the process. After draining the water, take a moment to wipe off any dirt and check if the roots are white and healthy.

Refilling with Fertilized Water: Step-by-Step Guide

Refill the Hey abby Grow Box with three gallons of distilled or purified water, then add one of each Gold and Silver Hey abby fertilizer. (included in hey abby subscription)

Monitoring pH and TDS Levels: Why It Matters

Once the fertilizers have fully dissolved, measure the pH and TDS levels and ensure they are within the proper range (ph: 5.5-6.2, TDS: 800-1200PPM). See the full chart.

By following these simple steps for changing the water, you can ensure that your hydroponic growing system is providing your plants with optimal growing conditions. With regular water changes and fertilizer additions, you can expect healthy and bountiful yields from your Hey abby Grow Box.

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