How to Replace the USB Interface
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During transportation, the USB port may become loose; or with prolonged use, instability in powering the USB interface may occur.

In these situations, you'll need to replace the USB interface to restore normal functionality. Here are some methods you can follow.

Method 1: Re-Plug the USB Port

  1. Power off the device.

  2. Loosen the 8 screws on the back cover of the device.

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  3. Locate the USB interface as shown in the image. Unplug it, then reconnect it securely.

    420 & OG Edition

    Black Edition

  4. Power on the device to check if the USB port is working properly again. If not, we recommend contacting our staff for further assistance.

Method 2: Change the USB Cable

  1. Turn off the device and remove the door lock.

    How to change Hey abby's USB cable

  2. Cut off the USB port using scissors. Then, securely attach the wiring terminals of the new USB cable to the cut end of the old cable using adhesive tape.

    How to change Hey abby's USB cable_2

  3. Locate the USB cable through the USB port on the board. Slowly pull the cable out until the taped section is pulled through.

    How to change Hey abby's USB cable_4
    How to change Hey abby's USB cable_5

  4. Insert the new USB cable into the corresponding port on the board. Reinstall the door lock. Congratulations, you have successfully replaced the USB cable.

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