Hey abby Smart Dial

One of our most popular features is the smart dial, which displays our iconic Hey abby elf and various growing stats.

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Our Hey abby Original (OG) edition gives users a high-tech, interactive growing experience. It's gained praise from our current growers as well as tech reviewers:

hey abby smart dial

"The Abby controller (smart dial) feels great and looks good, and the display is awesome."

-Tech Crunch

Discreet Display

When you are not near the grow box, the dial will only show the Hey abby logo. It's perfect for when you have guests or family over and want to keep your grow low-profile.

About the Icons

When you approach the grow box, the screen will display the stats of your growing environment:

The OG Smart Dial

Hey abby OG edition is equipped with a smart dial that has a TFT screen and an ultrasonic sensor. Users can unlock the door by rotating the dial and the display will welcome you with our Hey abby elf.

Smart Dial on 420 Edition

Hey abby 420 edition smart dial does not have the TFT screen. But it is still built with high-quality materials and supports smart lock, Wi-Fi pairing, and child lock functions. You can still access all your growing stats via the Hey abby app.

Dial Functions


OG Edition

420 Edition

TFT HD Display


Ultrasonic Sensor


abby Elf Animation


Pair to the app (tap 3 times)



Child Lock (setting in app)



Unlock the door (Rotate Clockwise)



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