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About Hey abby Features
About Hey abby Features

Get to know the design details of Hey abby

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DWC-based Eco SystemSunlight, water and air all in one little space in hey abby.
Innovative DesignHey abby Growbox was recognized as an International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) Finalist.
Everlight XI3030P LED arrayExplore Everlight's LED XI3030P Series integrates with the Hey Abby 420 Edition for an unparalleled indoor gardening experience.
Voice ControlHey abby recognizes multiple voice commands and she is learning more. It all starts with "Hey abby," followed by: open the door
Hey abby Smart DialOne of our most popular features is the smart dial, which displays our iconic Hey abby elf and various growing stats.
Samsung's LM301H Full Spectrum Growing LED SystemSamsung's LM301H Full Spectrum Plant Lights is designed to increase photosynthetic efficiency and maximize growth potential.
Trend (Social Media Feature)A Social Media-Like Experience for Growers to Share, Learn, and Connect
Auto DrainThe Hey abby grow box features an innovative auto drain function, designed to make water changes more convenient and hassle-free for users.
Growing CalendarThe growing calendar feature is for hey abby grow box users to know what's going to happen next.
1-on-1 Expert Support ServiceHey abby's 1-on-1 support service is designed to help new growers achieve impressive harvests in just a few months.
The Status LEDHey abby's status LED provides a high-tech and stylish feel to the product, allowing you to easily check the plant's status at a glance.
Burn-Proof ModeThe mode is an intelligent feature that protects your plants from burning once they are too close to the light source.
Night ModeNight mode in Hey abby: Turn on or off the ambient light
Child LockDiscover Hey abby's Child Lock: Ensuring safety for young ones around the grow box. Easy toggling for worry-free smart planting! 🌱🔒
Growth Period SwitchingYou can manually switch to different growth stages.