Burn-Proof Mode

The mode is an intelligent feature that protects your plants from burning once they are too close to the light source.

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As passionate growers ourselves, we understand the challenges of cannabis growing. Light intensity, distance, and plant growth are intricately linked factors that demand precise attention.

The Burn-Proof Mode is designed as a safeguard, a safety net, and a testament to our commitment to your growing success.

Please note: Burn Proof mode is only for the OG Edition grow box.

Burn proof is not available if you are using the pro mode to avoid the setting confilct.

How the Burn-Proof Mode Works?

The Hey abby OG indoor grow system is equipped with a premium ultrasonic sensor that can detect the height of the plant. During the flowering/auto-flowering stage, when the burn proof mode turned on, the grow lights will dim to protect the flower from burning if your plant is taller than 80% of the chamber height for longer than 30 minutes.

How to Turn the Mode On?

To activate the Burn-Proof Mode, simply access the settings menu. By default, the mode is turned off, so you'll need to switch it on manually.

Please ensure that there are no objects above 20 inches in the chamber that could potentially interfere with the sensor's readings.

Hey abby Burn-Proof Mode_how to activate

Once the mode is activated, you will see the status tab in your environment cards, providing you with real-time information about this protective feature.

Hey abby Burn-Proof Mode_status tab

After the light dimming, will there still be enough light for the flower?

The light intensity is highly associated with the distance between the lights and the flowers. When the Burn-Proof mode is activated, it indicates that the flowers are already too close to the light source, which results in burning. To fix this, we carefully adjust the dimming to a level that ensures the top-level flowers receive sufficient light without being burnt.

Plant Training Can't be Ignored

The Burn-Proof mode is undoubtedly a smart feature, but it should ideally serve as a last resort for damage control, and we sincerely hope you won't have to use it.

To avoid such situations, please diligently follow the app's instructions for proper plant training during the vegetative stage. Countless Hey abby harvesters have already shown that with adequate training techniques, you can achieve impressive yields even in relatively smaller growing spaces.

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