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How to Earn and Utilize Oxygen Coins in Hey abby APP
How to Earn and Utilize Oxygen Coins in Hey abby APP

Discover how to use Oxygen Coins in our app. Earn, share, and grow together! πŸŒ±πŸ’š

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In the Hey abby app, cultivating a thriving virtual plant is not only a rewarding experience, but can also earn you valuable Oxygen Coins. These virtual points serve as a token of accomplishment and can be utilized for various purposes, from rewarding other users to potentially exchanging them for digital assets in the future.

In this article, we will explore how to obtain Oxygen Coins by completing tasks and the exciting possibilities they offer within the Hey abby community.

Hey abby app Oxygen Coins

You can receive oxygen coins after you have completed the following tasks:

  1. Complete Planting Preparations;

  2. Grow Your Plant;

  3. Unlock New Growth Stages;

  4. Harvest;

  5. Change Water;

  6. Add Water;

  7. Feed the Plant;

  8. Interact with Other Growers.

What Can You Use Oxygen Coins For?

Reward Others: One of the most satisfying ways to use your Oxygen Coins is to reward fellow growers for their hard work and achievements. Show appreciation for their beautiful plants, insightful tips, or helpful interactions by sending them Oxygen Coins as tokens of encouragement.

Note: Oxygen Coins have an expiration period. If not collected within 24 hours, they will disappear automatically, so be sure to gather them in time and use them wisely.


Hey abby app designs the Oxygen Coins as valuable rewards for your dedication and commitment to cultivating a flourishing virtual garden.

By completing various tasks like growing your plant, unlocking new stages, and engaging with the community, you can earn Oxygen Coins and use them to reward others for their efforts.

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