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Choose the perfect add-on to optimize your plant growth

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So far, we've rolled out a variety of add-ons to help our growers maximize the quality and yield potential of the plants. To make sure you're picking the right ones, we've put together this handy guide to walk you through each of them.

Hey abby's add-ons can be generally categorized into 3 main groups. Let's explore when & how to use these add-ons to level up your grow game!

1. Smart Add-Ons (for Creating Ideal Grow Environment)




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Smart USB Fan (with APP Control)

It ensures continuous airflow around the plant. Increased airflow helps the plant uptake more water and nutrients, which means more growth! Airflow is also essential for mold prevention in the late flowering stage.

Smart mini USB humidifier (with APP Control)

Humidity plays a pivotal role, especially during the veg stage. With the smart humidifier, you can maintain the proper humidity level, resulting in robust growth needed to achieve high yields. The smart functions also allow you to set specific points for when the humidifier turns on/off.

R1 BudCam (with APP Control)

Easily monitor your plants from anywhere and capture their growth with time-lapse videos.

4-in-1 Bluetooth pH Meter (with APP Control)

A necessary tool for any hydroponic grower! You can use it to monitor the pH, EC value, and temperature of the water. It allows you to balance the pH and ensure that water conditions are within the proper range. If the pH is imbalanced, the plant won't be able to access all the nutrients available to it. Similarly, if the water temperature is too warm or too cold, it could harm the root system.

R201 Mini Humidity Temperature Sensor (with APP Control)

The temp and humidity data, both inside and outside your grow chamber, will sync directly to your app, allowing Hey abby to automatically adjust ventilation as needed.

R200 Smart Humidity Temperature Monitor (with APP Control)

Get real-time readings of temp and humidity both inside and outside your grow chamber. The data will sync to your app, allowing Hey abby to adjust ventilation automatically as needed.

R300 Smart Power Strip (with APP Control)

It allows your grow box to connect up to 8 add-ons (4 outlets + 4 USB ports), all manageable through your APP.

Nano Airstone

Nano airstone provides extremely fine bubbles, which helps distribute oxygen and nutrients more effectively; as a result, the plant's ability to absorb nutrients is enhanced. It also keeps the roots oxygenated and healthy. Healthier roots + more nutrient uptake = improved plant health, growth, and yield potential!

2. Plant Training/Trimming Tools




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Starter’s Accessory Kit

The kit includes in all necessary tools recommended for beginners: 1*pruner-A, 1* trellis net, 1*airstone, 1*strainer, 4*magnetic type-A hooks, 4*magnetic type-B hooks, 8 training ties
· already included with the Hey abby OG Edition
· only necessary for 420 Edition growers

Trellis Net

The trellis can be used for training and branch management throughout the veg stage. It can guide the plant's growth to ensure it spreads wide, and remains low and away from the light.

The trellis net also provides support for large, dense flowers during the blooming stage. External support takes some workload off the plant and allows it to focus its energy on growing, rather than supporting itself.

Magnetic Hook Type A (4 pcs)

The hook-style magnets allow you to attach trellis nets, screens, or other training tools directly to the sides of the grow chamber. They are strong enough to allow you to pull them tight. They help maintain a clean aesthetic and can help support your plant!

Magnetic Hook Type B (4 pcs)

The loop-style magnets are necessary if you plan on using plant ties, straps, or training wire on your plant. They enable you to secure these tools to the sides of the grow box, and train your plants in specific directions.
The strong magnets can also be used to attach and secure accessories such as fans, humidifiers, etc.

Training Tie (8 pcs)

The training ties are a great tool for directing growth, and keeping the plant growing wide, low and away from the light. Proper training will help increase yield potential and ensures efficient use of the grow space.

Low Stress Training Clips (16 pcs)

LST clips are fantastic tools for growers looking to implement low stress training techniques and optimize their plant's width and structure!


Pruners are used to remove fan leaves and smaller growth during lollipopping or regular pruning!

3. Tools Needed Before & After Harvest




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Drying Rack

Put your harvested buds on it and dry them.

Microscope Lens for Smartphone 400X

The microscope lens allows growers to observe the trichomes & stigmas to decide the bud/plant maturity. Very useful for determining when to flush or harvest your plant.


This pruner can be used to trim the buds and sugar leaves.


Thick stalks can make cutting down the plant difficult without the right pair of pruners. The Pruner-B gives you the ability to chop any stalk with ease.

Storage Bag (5pcs)

Keep your dried buds secure and discreet with these storage bags set with child lock.

Acacia Wood Tray for Pre-Rolls

The tray is crafted to neatly store pre-rolls made from your harvested buds.

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