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Managing Tall Cannabis Plants to Avoid Light Burn (SCROG Technique Covered)
Managing Tall Cannabis Plants to Avoid Light Burn (SCROG Technique Covered)

Learn how to control cannabis plant height and prevent light burn with the Scrog technique and the Promode feature in Hey abby app. Read now

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Growing cannabis indoors requires careful attention to lighting to ensure optimal growth and prevent issues like light burn. However, sometimes plants can outgrow their space and become too tall, risking proximity to the light source. In such cases, it's important to take proactive measures to manage the height of the plants while maintaining a safe distance from the light. This article will discuss two effective strategies to address this issue: the Scrog technique and utilizing the promode in the Hey abby app to adjust light intensity.

Scrog Technique: Controlling Plant Height

The Screen of Green (Scrog) technique is an excellent method for controlling the height of cannabis plants.

Here's how to implement Scrogging on a cannabis plant:

  1. Install a trellis net above the plants: Place a sturdy trellis net at a suitable height above the plants, ensuring it is strong enough to support the weight of the branches.

  2. Train the branches under the net: As the plants grow, carefully bend and weave the branches horizontally under the trellis net, allowing them to spread out evenly. This helps to distribute light more evenly across the canopy and prevents the plant from growing too tall.

  3. Regular pruning and defoliation: Trim any excessive growth and remove unnecessary foliage to ensure that the plant's energy is focused on the productive and desired bud sites.

Example of Scrogging

Scrog to prevent light burn of cannabis

By implementing the Scrog technique, you can effectively manage the height of your cannabis plants, keeping them at a safe distance from the light source and reducing the risk of light burn.

Utilizing Promode in Hey abby App: Adjusting Light Intensity

The Hey abby app offers a helpful feature called Promode, which allows you to adjust the light intensity for your plants. Here's how to use it:

  1. Access the Promode feature: Open the Hey abby app and navigate to the Promode section.

    Hey abby APP Promode
  2. Decrease light intensity: If your plant is getting too tall and approaching the light, it's crucial to decrease the light intensity to prevent light burn. Lower the intensity settings in the app, gradually reducing the brightness until it reaches an appropriate level.

  3. Monitor and adjust as needed: Regularly monitor your plants' growth and observe how they respond to the adjusted light intensity. Make further adjustments if necessary to maintain the ideal distance between the plant and the light source.

By utilizing the Promode feature in the Hey abby app, you can effectively control the light intensity and prevent light burn even if you can't keep the plant at least 6 inches away from the light.

Remember, managing the height of your cannabis plants is essential to ensure their well-being and prevent issues like light burn. Implementing the Scrog technique and utilizing the Promode feature in the Hey abby app are two effective strategies that can help you maintain a safe distance between your plants and the light source. Happy growing!

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