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Troubleshooting Guide | High Water Temperature
Troubleshooting Guide | High Water Temperature

Learn how to troubleshoot high water temps: use ice cubes, cool water. Ideal range: 67-74°F water temperature for healthy plant growth.

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The water temperature in Hey abby Grow Box plays a crucial role in ensuring the health and development of your plants. It is important to place Hey abby in a suitable environment to regulate the chamber's temperature.

Recommended Temperature Range:

For the best results, it is recommended to maintain a water temperature between 67-74°F in Hey abby Grow Box. This range provides the ideal conditions for cannabis plant development and ensures their overall health.

If you're facing high water temperatures, follow these troubleshooting tips to maintain an optimal range:

  • Placing ice cubes or cool water in the solution can effectively lower the water temperature and maintain an optimal range.

By addressing high water temperatures, you can ensure optimal plant growth in Hey abby Grow Box.

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