Troubleshooting Guide | Smart Dial

One of our most popular features is the smart dial, if you are experiencing any issue with the dial, check this article.

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About the Smart Dial

Our Hey abby Original (OG) edition gives users a high-tech, interactive growing experience.

Possible Issues

  • When you rotate the smart dial, the door won't open

  • the smart dial doesn't display anything when powered on (only applies to the OG edition)

Quick Solution

Try to power off the device (about 5 minutes) and then turn it back on, then check whether it is working properly, if still not working, please use the below steps.

Please note that the following steps involve terminal connecting. If you are unfamiliar with this area, we recommend contacting our support team for assistance.

Checking the terminal connection

Open the back panel

Remove the 8 screws and remove the back panel.

Check the indicator LED Light

If you notice that the indicator LED is illuminated, kindly ensure that the terminal is properly inserted and secure. You may need to reinsert it to resolve any loose connection issues.

If the LED is not illuminated, please reach out to our support team to replace the power module component.

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