Troubleshooting Guide | High Humidity

Discover effective techniques to manage excessive humidity levels in your Hey abby grow system.

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If you’re experiencing issues with high humidity in the grow chamber, there are a few scenarios that can cause this issue!

1. Humidity is Not Being Exhausted out of the Box Fast Enough

This is the most common issue, and is fairly easy to fix!

Turning the exhaust fan level up, and the intake fan lower, should take care of it. We recommend having the exhaust fan level twice as high as the intake fan level. This will help vent out the excess humidity!

How to Adjust These Settings?

  1. Open hey abby APP (IOS/Android), click the “environment” tab on the Home Screen;

    Hey abby APP Homescreen

  2. Find the fan speed setting, turn them off of “auto” and it will allow you to set the speeds to your desired level.

    Turn off the fan speed auto mode in hey abby APP
    Set exhaust fan speed in hey abby

TIPS: The higher the exhaust speed, the more air will be removed for the box.

2. The Plant is Very Large with Lots of Foliage

If the plant has grown large, and there is a lot of foliage taking space up in the chamber, it will cause high humidity.

Also, sometimes the plant gets so big that there will be leaf, or branches right next to the sensor, which can cause an inflated humidity reading.

How to Fix It?

  1. Try giving the plant a trim, and removing some of the large leaves on the lower half of the plant!

  2. Spreading out the branches to allow for better airflow to the center of the plant will also help with high humidity issue!

3. The Area the abby is Placed Has a High Relative Humidity Level

Hey abby grow cabinet uses passive air movement via the grow algorithm, for its automated environmental control. So the chamber's environment is affected by the conditions of the area in which it is placed.

How to Fix It?

You may need to dehumidify the area/room the Hey abby device is in.

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