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User Manual | Hey abby Subscription Pack
User Manual | Hey abby Subscription Pack

Discover what's packed in each subscription pack and how to extend your plan in this guide.

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We're all about building your confidence in growing! That's why we've put together a Subscription Pack with top-notch supplies and expert support to make sure you're covered every step of the way.

From fertilizers to carbon filters, everything's carefully curated, and ready to roll when you get it. Plus, our seasoned growing experts with 10+ years of experience will be right there with you, offering exclusive guidance.

Curious about what Hey abby's subscription plan has to offer? Keep reading to find out more!

What's Included in the Subscription?




Pre-Mixed Nutrients: A+B (2*26 pcs)

Premium pre-mixed hydroponic nutrient with a balance formula of NPK

Plant Basket

Used for transplanting & planting seedlings/clones

Activated Carbon Filters (2pcs)

Eliminating odors

Square Sponge

Germinating seeds

Round Sponge

Light-blocking sponge that prevents light from entering the plant basket, and stabalizes plant positioning

3-Month 1-on-1 Expert Support

Exclusive guidance on growing that last 3 months

*starting from the 1st grow

Your Initial Subscription

Each Hey abby grow box purchase includes a 3-Month Subscription Pack (for free).

After your grow box arrives, if you need a few days to prepare for your first grow, don't worry. Our subscription system will only begin tracking the start date when you actually start growing.

Your subscription validation will be shown on the "ME" page.

How to Extend Your Subscription?

To extend your subscription pack, you can follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a new subscription plan from our official store;

  2. Check the Extension Code sent to your email;

  3. Open the hey abby APP (IOS/Android), go to Settings and select Extend Digital Service Validity;

  4. Enter the code to extend your subscription for an additional 3, 6, or 12 months.

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