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User Manual | Hey abby 420 Edition (Set-Up Guide)
User Manual | Hey abby 420 Edition (Set-Up Guide)

Step-by-step instructions for how to set up Hey abby 420 edition grow box

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How to Set Up Hey abby 420 Edition

Watch this instruction video to set up your Hey abby 420 Edition hydroponic grow system and start your growing journey now!

⚠️ WIFI Connection

To ensure a consistently reliable Internet connection, we recommend:

  1. The distance between your Hey abby and router should be less than 32 inches;

  2. No obstacles or walls obstruct the signal path between the two devices.

What's in the Hey abby 420 Grow Box Kit?

What's in the Hey abby 420 Grow Box Kit?
  • Accessories box

  1. Power Cable x 1

  2. Wooden feet x 4

  • Subscription box

  1. Hey abby's innovative fertilizer with 26 Gold +26 Silver total 52 Fertilizer packs (Every quarter)

  2. Activated carbon filter x 2

  3. Grow sponge (square) x1

  4. Ring sponge x1

  5. Plant basket x 1

  • Subscription Service

For your first growing cycle, Hey abby offers complimentary grow supplies and service. Feel free to connect with our in-house growers with any questions - they'll respond within 24 hours.

To access 1-on-1 support and our Help Center, simply tap the button shown below in your hey abby app.

hey abby app 1-on-1 support and help center

After your first successful grow, consider subscribing to Hey abby for ongoing success in your future growing sessions!

Things you will need to start a growing journey:

  • Download hey abby app

  • seed/seedling/clone

  • RO/distilled water

Quick Guide Download (PDF File)

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