Nutrients Update 2023

Introducing the new nutritent pakcaging.

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Original Packaging and Feeding Dock Discontinued

above packaging and feeding dock have been discontinued

Due to the unstable nature of the original packaging which will result in sticky issues, we have regretfully abandoned the feeding dock feature and changed the nutrient packaging.

Silver Packaging

The silver packaging enabled growers to put the packets into the water. Unfortunately, this was leading to some moisture retention issues that caused the packaging to become sticky and unusable. The new packaging is now highly resistant to water absorption, removing the issue of packaging becoming damaged from humidity in the air.

Gold Nutrients

The Gold Nutrient formula has been redeveloped to a finer powder, making it more soluble within the water, and thus better enhancing nutrient uptake for your plants.

With this packaging update, growers now need to cut the packaging and directly pour the nutrients into the water tank.

Starting from Dec 31 2022 , new customers will receive the subscription box with updated packaging.

Existing Customer: If you have issues with the silver nutrients (sticky, congealed), please contact [email protected] for a free replacement. We will start to ship the replacement Jan 22 2023. If you are under a subscription with Hey abby, you will receive the updated version in your next shipment.

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