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everything you need to know about the light schedule and troubleshooting.

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About the Light Schedule

Plants, much like humans, require rest when the lights are off and growth when the lights are on. Therefore, the grow light will not be on at all times. With Hey abby's intelligent light scheduling algorithm, tailored to each plant type and growth stage, you can rest assured that if the environment information card displays an "OK" indicator, then there is no need to worry about the grow light.

The app will also provide information on when the grow lights will be on/off next time.

When you open the door (Welcome mode)

When you open the door to check on your plant, the grow light will be illuminated for your convenience, even during the plant's sleeping hours. To prevent eye strain, the light will dim to the lowest level, eliminating the need for sunglasses.

This is just one of the many design features of Hey abby, ensuring the best possible growing experience from anywhere. We called it the Welcome Mode.

In the event that the door is not securely shut, the grow light will remain illuminated. To prevent this, you will receive a notification through the app indicating that the door has been left open. It is important to ensure that the door is properly closed with a distinct clicking sound to maintain a consistent lighting schedule for your plants.


If the door lock terminal becomes disconnected or loose, the system may remain in welcome mode, although this is a very rare occurrence. To resolve this issue, refer to the following steps. However, it is recommended that you consult with our support staff before performing any actions.

Connecting the Door lock Terminal

Step 1. Remove the 8 screws from the back panel and take it off.

Step2. Check whether the terminal is disconnected, and reinsert it

Step3. Power off the device for 5 minutes and turn it on again.

Please contact our support staff if the issue is still unresolved, we are happy to assist.

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