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How to Germinate a Cannabis Seed with Hey abby
How to Germinate a Cannabis Seed with Hey abby

Learn how to successfully germinate cannabis seeds and set your seedlings up for success with the Hey abby automated grow box.

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For a successful germination process, start by selecting high-quality feminized seeds from reputable seed banks. Below are some trusted seed banks that have been endorsed by countless Hey abby growers for their reliability.


Germination stage

During the germination stage, it usually takes 7~10 days to become a seedling that is ready to transplant into hey abby grow box for the vegetation stage. The grow light will be on for about 18 hours at a low light intensity, which will keep your plant safe. We recommend using the Hey abby seed kit, which allows you to germinate and easily transplant your seedling into your abby grow box.

Here are the detailed steps you will go through during the seed stage.

Day 1~4

Add tap water to the plant cup, filling it about 1 inch high. Then, add your feminized seed to the cup and let it soak until a tap root appears. You don't need to provide lighting at this stage. Most seeds will sprout within 2 to 4 days.

Once the seed has germinated, gently insert the tap root into the wet grow sponge. Make sure that the seed is visible on the surface of the sponge. Then, place the sponge at the bottom of the plant basket.

Add another inch of tap water to the plant cup and place the plant basket into the cup. Make sure that the water level does not exceed the height of the sponge.

Next, place the plant cup into the abby automated grow box and make sure that your system is set to the germination stage. At this point, the light inside the Abby grow box will be turned off for a few hours to encourage the growth of the sprouted seed.

Day 4~10

By following the steps mentioned earlier, you can ensure that your cannabis seedling is set for success as it transitions to the second part of the germination stage.

During the second part of the germination stage, it is important to change the water in the plant cup every two days to prevent bacteria growth and provide enough nutrients and water for the seedling to grow properly.

Tips: There is no need to fertilize the seedling since the proteins from the seeds and minerals from the tap water are sufficient for her to develop until she is ready to transplant.

Once the seedling has two sets of leaves and the roots start to stretch out of the bottom of the cup, you can tell that she is ready to be transplanted and be moved into the next stage of the growth cycle.

By following the above steps, you will set your cannabis seedling up for success as they move into the next steps of their growth cycle.

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