Troubleshooting Guide | Water Leaking
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If you happen to notice any leaking, consider these four possible scenarios:

Scenario One: Moving Hey abby

Description: When moving your grow cabinet around, if you push too hard or too quickly, water in the reservoir will spill over the edge.

Solution: When moving abby, be sure to empty the water reservoir in advance. If you're unable to empty the reservoir, take care not to push the device too hard. Do your best not to jostle or shake the device.

Scenario Two: Condensation from Air Pump

Description: The air pump generates droplets, which can cause condensation on the reservoir lid. When the condensation builds up, it will start to leak over the edge and down the tank.

Hey abby water leak troubleshooting

Solution: Drain some water out to lower the water level. We recommend keeping the water level below the red line, rather than the "3 GAL" line.

Hey abby suggested water level

Please check the above two scenarios before you jump to 3 and 4.

Scenario Three: Loose Pump

Description: In very rare cases, the connection between the water pump and the hose is loose, causing water leakage

Solution: Use the zip tie to tighten the hose

Scenario Four: Water Pump Loose Screws/Crack

Description: In very rare cases, the water pump screws are loose, or the water pump itself has cracks, causing water to overflow

Solution: Tighten the screws with a screwdriver, if there is still water overflowing, it needs to be replaced with a new water pump. Contact our support team.

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