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Seed vs Clones: Which One is Better for the Hey abby Grow Box?
Seed vs Clones: Which One is Better for the Hey abby Grow Box?
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You typically have 2 main options when beginning the indoor cannabis cultivation: using seeds or clones.

If you choose clones, you usually begin with a healthy "mother" plant and take a cutting from it (or acquire clones from seed banks). This small piece, when cared for properly, will grow into an exact copy of its parent plant.

In contrary, each cannabis seed carries its own unique genetic makeup, which can result in a diverse range of traits in the plants. While starting with seeds offers excitement and variety, it can also be less predictable.

Pros of Planting Clones in the Hey abby

Both options have their own pros and cons. For Hey abby growers, planting cannabis clones offers several benefits that can significantly contribute to a successful and fruitful cultivation experience.

  1. Consistency:

    Clones are genetically identical to their parent plant, meaning they will exhibit the same growth characteristics, potency, and flavor. This allows for a more predictable and consistent grow, which can be especially beneficial for novice growers.

  2. Faster Growth:

    Clones have a head start compared to seeds, as they already have a well-developed root system and foliage. This allows them to transition into the vegetative stage more quickly, shortening the overall grow cycle.

  3. Space Efficiency:

    Hey abby is designed for optimal use of limited space. Clones are typically smaller and more manageable than plants grown from seed, making them easier to fit and maintain within the confines of the grow box.

  4. No Gender Concerns:

    With clones, growers can be confident they are cultivating female plants, which produce the desired buds. Seeds have a roughly 50% chance of producing male plants, which need to be removed to prevent pollination and reduce yields.

    growing clone within Hey abby grow box

    clones can be acquired at your local dispensaries & online seed banks

Hey abby App's Detailed Tutorial for Seed Growing

Despite the advantages of clones, some growers may still prefer to start their growing journey with seeds. Recognizing the challenges that seeds can present, the Hey abby app offers a comprehensive tutorial to ensure success:

  1. Germination Techniques:

    The tutorial covers various methods for germinating seeds, including the paper towel method, direct planting, and using seedling plugs, allowing growers to choose the approach that works best for them.

  2. Seed Selection:

    The Hey abby app provides guidance on choosing the right strain for your specific needs and preferences, taking into consideration factors such as growth characteristics, potency, and flavor.

  3. Plant Care:

    The tutorial offers step-by-step instructions on caring for seedlings, including information on proper watering, lighting, and nutrient schedules. It also covers important growth milestones, helping growers identify potential issues and address them in a timely manner.

  4. Transition to Vegetative Stage:

    The Hey abby app provides guidance on when and how to transition seedlings to the vegetative stage, ensuring a seamless progression through the grow cycle.

choose your plant type (seed or clone) in hey abby app

Top 3 Trusted Online Seed Banks

For a successful germination process, start by selecting high-quality seeds or clones from reputable suppliers. Below are some trusted ones that have been endorsed by countless Hey abby growers for their reliability.

1. FreeWorld Seed Vault

FreeWorld Seed Vault, located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado, is a privately owned company dedicated to cultivating exceptional and one-of-a-kind genetics. Established in 2009, it specializes in offering unparalleled strains.

For Hey abby growers, they're now offering a special discount of 30% off using the code: growbox30

Hey abby grower's review:

"While having 20-30+ potency they really have great other cannabinoids and terpenes that they sneak in there and lots of their genetics is packed with great flavor while also following the industry levels. And very strong genetics, whether it's seed or clones. Clones are aired the next day from the nursery to ensure a healthy clone arrives!"

Austin, the owner of Freeworld Seed Vault, has picked some high THC strains below specifically for our growers. Enjoy your grow!

2. I Love Growing Marijuana

Renowned for high-quality seeds and comprehensive growing resources, ILGM offers a diverse selection of strains and expert guidance to growers worldwide. With a focus on genetics and customer satisfaction, ILGM provides a germination guarantee on all seeds.

3. SeedSupreme

SeedSupreme is a premier seed bank offering top-quality genetics sourced from renowned breeders worldwide. Their rigorous testing ensures viability and genetic integrity, resulting in robust plants and impressive yields.

Making the Right Choice for Your Hey abby Grow Box

Ultimately, the decision between seeds and clones comes down to personal preference and experience level. While clones offer several advantages for the Hey abby Grow Box, including consistency, faster growth, space efficiency, and gender certainty, the Hey abby app ensures that those who choose seeds have the resources and guidance necessary for successful grow.


Whether you decide to use seeds or clones for your Hey Abby Grow Box, understanding the benefits and challenges of each option will help you make an informed decision that sets you up for success. With the support of the Hey Abby app's detailed tutorial, even novice growers can achieve a bountiful harvest, regardless of their chosen starting material.

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