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Leap Year Error (Top Indicator Flashing White)
Leap Year Error (Top Indicator Flashing White)
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Beginning March 1, we received reports from some users about the top indicator LED flashing white, difficulties in opening the door using the smart dial, and a loss of connection with the app.

Our team engaged closely with our user community and determined that the root cause is related to a leap year, causing a date error that leads to random EEPROM miswrites. By March 7, 16 users had reported this issue. Our team quickly developed and deployed a new firmware update to all users on March 7, effectively resolving the problem. However, certain units had already been impacted by the leap year error either before the update or during the process.

We estimate that less than 1% of users are affected, meaning the vast majority of grow boxes are functioning correctly.

How to Identify If You Are Affected?

Look out for two primary symptoms of the leap year error:

  1. The door won't open with the rotation of the dial

  2. White indicator LED flashing

If your grow box does not exhibit these symptoms, it should be operational. Please update to the latest firmware following the regular update route. If your grow box shows any of the aforementioned symptoms, it may be affected by the leap year error, and you should follow the Leap Year Error Route.

Regular Update Route

Updating to the Latest Firmware

  1. Make sure you are near your device when updating the firmware

  2. Make sure the grow box is connected to the app.

  3. Open the hey abby app and the firmware update notification should appear, click upgrade.Do NOT perform any action during the update, the update should take a few mins.

What if there is no firmware pop up?

Typically, this issue occurs if the grow box is not connected to the app. Establish a connection first.

How do I know if I have the latest version?

Go to settings and check the latest firmware version

  • OG 1.8.5

  • 420 Edition 1.1.5

If these versions appear, your firmware is up to date.

After upgrading the firmware

Some users might encounter the following post-update:

  1. The grow box is missing from the device list.

  2. Plant data or calendar progress is lost.

  3. Incorrect subscription details.

These issues can usually be resolved by power off for 1 min and re-pairing/connecting. For ongoing problems, contact [email protected] for assistance.

Leap Year Error Route

Hard Reboot

If your grow box is affected, turn it off for 3 minutes and then restart. This may normalize the unit (indicated by a green LED flash), after which you should update the firmware immediately.

If the hard reboot is not working, please repeat this process 5 times. We have some users get the box back to normal with this method.

Motherboard Replacement

If the hard reboot doesn't resolve the issue after five attempts, please contact us for a top PCBA motherboard replacement at [email protected] with the following template:

Subject: Leap Year Error Report

Symptoms: White flashing indicator LED

Grow box Type: OG/420

Full shipping address with phone number

We'll expedite the motherboard shipment, and you'll receive tracking details via email. Upon arrival, follow the linked instructions for replacement. Afterward, re-sync the box with the app and update the firmware.

*Expect a 7-10 business day delivery for the motherboard from our overseas supplier.

Due to the motherboard swtich, your original plant progress will be lost, if you would like to swtich to certain stage, please see below article to swtich to certain stage.

Maintaining Plant Health While Awaiting Motherboard

To maintain your plant's health while awaiting the motherboard:

  • If the dial/knob doesn't open the door, use the provided key or a pin for manual access.

  • To ensure your plant's health, obtain an external air pump from a local hydroponics or aquarium store. This will help keep the water adequately oxygenated. It's crucial to leave this air pump running continuously.

  • If the grow box light remains on, you should manually power down the grow box at 6 PM during the Flowering stage or at 12 AM during the Veg stage. However, keep the air pump operational at all times.

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