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Where to Find the Serial Number of Hey abby Devices?
Where to Find the Serial Number of Hey abby Devices?

For efficient device management, knowing your device's serial number is key. This is an easy guide to help you locate your SN.

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Efficient device management starts with knowing the serial number (SN) of your Hey abby Grow Boxes. We've simplified the process into a couple of steps. Whether you want to check it on the device or within the app, follow our straightforward guide.

Checking the SN Sticker on the Device

On the upper back of your Hey abby machine, you'll find a sticker displaying the SN (see the image below).

Hey abby serial number

Checking Through the APP

If you have just one device linked to your account, follow these steps:

  1. Open the hey abby APP (Android/IOS) and access your personal center;

  2. Navigate to the Settings section;

  3. Look for SN information.

Remember that for the SN to be visible on the app, your device must be connected to your hey abby APP account.

If you're managing multiple Hey abby devices under your account, here's how to proceed:

  1. Access the Device Manager from the Settings;

  2. Choose the specific device you want to view;

  3. Return to the Settings and locate the SN information.

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