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User Manual | Hey abby R1 BudCam (WiFi Smart Camera)
User Manual | Hey abby R1 BudCam (WiFi Smart Camera)

Quick guide to set up your Hey abby R1 Smart Budcam

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Ready to monitor your plant anywhere with the cutting-edge Hey Abby R1 Smart BudCam? With the WiFi smart camera, you'll gain real-time insights into your plants' growth, health, and environmental conditions. Say goodbye to any guesswork!

In this article, we will guide you through a seamless setup process, allowing you to effortlessly integrate this advanced device into your cannabis growing journey.

Setup Guide

⚠️ WIFI Connection

For BudCam users, to ensure a consistently reliable Internet connection, we recommend that the distance between your Hey abby and router should be less than 10 inches.

1. Plug the Budcam in via the hey abby smart usb port;

Hey abby R1 Budcam setup_step 1

2. Open hey abby APP, and click the "Device Manager" button located in the upper right-hand corner;

*Starting from version 3.0.0, the device manager icon has been updated to this, based on feedback from our community.

3. Click Add Accessory;

Hey abby R1 Budcam setup_step 3

4. Select the smart camera in the menu and follow the app instructions. Please note if you already added a Hey abby accessory via the usb port, it will be removed;

Hey abby R1 Budcam setup_step 4

5. Enter the wifi password;

6. Scan the QR code to pair with your Hey abby. For detailed pairing steps, please refer to the following instructions, along with troubleshooting methods:

Hey abby R1 Budcam setup_step 5

Pairing Step 1 | Troubleshooting

*If neither the indicator light blinks nor a beep is heard, press and hold the “RESET” button on the camera until you hear 3 consecutive beeps.

hey abby R1 budcam reset button

Pairing Step 3 | Troubleshooting

*If you didn’t hear 3 consecutive beeps after scanning the code:

a. Ensure you followed step 1&2 accurately;

b. Gradually adjust the distance between the camera and your phone—try moving closer or farther away.

7. Storage Option

The system will ask you to choose your storage destination. You can change the setting any time.

  • Store files in the app: The pictures you take with the Budcam are stored locally in the app to protect your privacy. You won't see these pictures in your photo album. Nothing is uploaded to the cloud. However, if you delete the app, the pictures will be deleted as well.

  • Store files in photo album: Your other pictures will be stored in the photo album and may be uploaded to the cloud depending on your photo backup strategy.

Key Features

User Interface

Once your Budcam is successfully paired, the app home page will show the live view of your plant. You'll still be able to view all important information and notifications from the home screen with this setup. But if you'd like to return to the original layout, you can simply click the circular arrow button at the top of the screen to switch back.

Hey abby R1 Smart Budcam APP interface

Managing Your Camera in Device Manager

When the camera is paired, you will see it in your device manager interface.

how to manage Hey abby R1 Smart Budcam in Device Manager

By clicking the settings button , you will see the the settings page which allows you to change the storage option or turn on the private mode.

Private Mode

The private mode is by default being turned OFF; when it is activated, the camera function will be disabled when you open the door. The camera will not take pictures or videos of people, safeguarding your personal privacy.

When the private mode is on, every time you open the door the live recording will be stopped and that's the end of the current playback file. The system will initiate a new playback file when the door is closed.

Camera Kit

The new camera kit mimics a traditional smartphone layout. It gives users multiple options in a clean, easy-to-use interface. Clean the camera button in the home page and you will access the camera kit.


Once the camera is paired, it will start to record the progress 24*7. The playback video is stored in the SD card (The saving path is not changeable, and when the SD card is full it will automatically erase the content.) If you need longer recording, you can choose to purchase the 128G model.


If you want to replace with your own micro-SD card, please make sure you use the U3 level card to ensure the 2K level recording.

If you need to copy the files from the SD card to your computer, please use a compatible card reader. The camera doesn't function as a card reader when connecting to a computer.

Photo Mode

Just like taking photos via your smart phone, you can always view your photos in the gallery. The location of the gallery depends on your choice of the storage. (app/photo album)

Monitor your cannabis plants with Hey abby Wifi smart camera

Video Mode

Simply switch to the video tap and click recording button. Please note that the video will be stored in your app/photo gallery.

The process of the video taking won't stop the camera live recording.

Time-lapse Mode

The time lapse mode is automatically off. When the mode is turned on, every time you open the app to check on your plant, the system will automatically take a picture at that very moment—this is a great method to record how you bound with your plant.

Under this mode, the photo taking is set to activate once a day and only during the grow LED was on, to make sure there are not too many photos being taken, and the photo taking won't disrupt the plant when it's sleeping.

Time-lapse Animation Tool

By clicking the generate button in the time-lapse mode, you will have an option to choose either making a GIF animation or a video animation (MP4 format).

Hey abby app Time-Lapse function

Talk to your plant

Go to the mic tab and hold the microphone icon to talk to your plant.

Talk to your plant with Hey abby wifi smart camera

We hope this guide provides all the information to help you navigate Hey abby R1 Budcam. If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Happy growing with Hey abby!🎇

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