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User Manual | Hey abby Smart Humidifier
User Manual | Hey abby Smart Humidifier

Learn how to install the Hey abby Smart Humidifier with this step-by-step guide. Keep your plants happy and healthy with app control.

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The Hey abby app-controlled small humidifier for plants is a revolutionary product designed to offer a customizable and automated humidity solution for your plant growth.

With its intelligent app control, you can effortlessly define your desired conditions and enhance the humidity level within the grow chamber. By combating dryness and infusing moisture into the air, it contributes to the overall well-being of your plants.

How to Install Hey abby Smart Humidifier?

More Tips on Using Your Humidifier

  1. After refilling the humidifier, it takes approximately 3-5 minutes for it to start misting.

  2. To power on the humidifier, simply rotate the knob clockwise.

    power on Hey abby humidifier

  3. To connect the humidifier to your smartphone, begin by adding this accessory to your hey abby app. Navigate to Device Manager > Add Accessory.

    hey abby app device manager
    hey abby app add accessory

    Choose Humidifier and you'll be directed to its management page.

    hey abby app device management

    Then, toggle the switch to activate it.

    add humidifier to hey abby app

Key Care Instructions for Your Humidifier

  1. Please note that the humidifier does not feature dry-burn protection. It should be filled only up to 0.08 gallons (300ml) and is designed to work for 6-8 hours on maximum mist setting. To prevent the unit from overheating and damaging the mist core, it's essential to refill it after the specified time.

  2. It's important to handle the humidifier carefully as it is not waterproof. Ensure that the humidifier remains upright during use to avoid water leakage into its electrical components, which could cause rust or damage to the mainboard or USB port and may prevent the device from powering up.


  • Inspect the micro-USB port of the humidifier (check for detachment, looseness, sinking, etc.), and pay attention to the orientation when plugging and unplugging;

    hey abby humidifier usb port

  • Verify if the device can be powered on by long-pressing the "bulb" button on the humidifier for 2 seconds (as shown in the figure below).

    Check if the ambient light on the top of the humidifier lights up normally. Long-pressing for an additional 2 seconds can turn off the ambient light on the top.

    hey abby humidifier bulb button
    hey abby smart humidifier ambient light

  • Ensure that the USB power switch button is turned on in the app program.

    control the smart humidifier in hey abby app.png

What If There's No Mist Produced?

When water in the tank is used up, manually unplug the USB cable to cut off power, then add water to the humidifier.

  • Check if the water tank has water (maximum 0.08 gallons or 300ml);

  • After filling the humidifier with water for the first time, it takes approximately 3 to 5 minutes for the humidifier to start atomizing;

  • Verify if the cotton swab is completely wet; you can detach the cotton swab from one end of the atomizing piece, dip it in water, wet it, and restart the humidifier;

    hey abby smart humidifier cotton swab
    hey abby smart humidifier cotton swab 2

  • Check if there is any missing spring under the cotton swab;

    hey abby smart humidifier cotton swab 3

  • Check if the humidifier knob switch is rotated clockwise to open and adjust mist volume to the max;

    hey abby smart humidifier knob

  • Use mineral water and tap water; try to avoid using distilled water (as it may affect the misting effect);

  • If the cotton swab is severely yellowed or dirty, it needs to be replaced.

How to Troubleshoot Hey abby Smart Humidifier?


  1. If the mist volume at the top of the humidifier is very small (excluding the above-mentioned issues) or if there is a large amount of water around the top mist chip but no mist is produced, it may indicate abnormal issues with the mist chip, and the humidifier needs to be replaced.

  2. After the humidifier water tank is filled with water, it should not be tilted or placed upside down.

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