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Everlight XI3030P LED array
Everlight XI3030P LED array

Explore Everlight's LED XI3030P Series integrates with the Hey Abby 420 Edition for an unparalleled indoor gardening experience.

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Hey abby 420 editions integrate the Everlight XI3030P LED array and are tuned by our growing experts and engineers.

Everlight: An Introduction

Everlight is a renowned electronics company founded in 1983 that specializes in the production of LED products. Their LED XI3030P Series is a top-view white LED with a high luminous intensity output and a typical viewing angle of 120°. These features make this LED package an ideal choice for various lighting applications, including general lighting, decorative and entertainment lighting, indicators, and illumination.

Testing Result at 7.9 inch

Test Meter: PLA-20 Sensitivity: High

Integral T: 29 ms PeakAD Ip: 45932.7 Average times: 2

Test parameter:

Test parameter:

E= 75739.3 lx E(fc)=7038.96 fc

CIE x= 0.3674 CIE y= 0.3599 CIE u'=0.2232 CIE v'=0.4920Tc=4263 K Lp=661.0 nm HW=34.7 nm Ld=581.1 nmPur=18.2 % Ratio_R=18.4 % Ratio_G=77.6 % Ratio_B=4.0 %Duv=-0.00406

Ra=91.3 R1= 92 R2= 92 R3= 90

R4= 91 R5= 91 R6= 87 R7= 94

R8= 93 R9= 82 R10= 82 R11= 91

R12= 68 R13= 92 R14= 95 R15= 94

SDCM= 7.7(F4000)White Class:OUT

E1(400-700nm)=261.02 W/m² E2(380-780nm)=263.15 W/m²Ech-A=51.908 W/m² Ech-B=53.698 W/m² Ef=2.1424 W/m²Eb=56.873 W/m² Ey=104.61 W/m² Er=99.722 W/m²

Ep=226.82 Wphyto/m² Erb_Ratio=1.7534

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