hey abby grow box OG 2023 Update

Introducing the enhanced hardware, release starts from Jan 2023.

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The Hey abby engineering team is dedicated to continuously improving the grow box's hardware by actively listening to feedback from the growing community. By engaging with users and incorporating their valuable insights, the team has been able to enhance the product's features, user experience, and overall performance. This ongoing commitment to innovation and responsiveness ensures that Hey abby remains a leading choice for cannabis growers, providing an ever-evolving, cutting-edge solution tailored to meet the needs of its users.

Below improvements will be in place starting in 2023.

Reduced Light Leakage

We redesigned the door and repositioned the new lock system to the center of the frame. This enabled our designers to minimize the gap between the door and the frame and reduce the light leakage coming from inside the box when the light is on.

Sensor Cover

Some growers reported to us that when watering their plants the environmental sensors were being damaged through water contact. We have added a new impermeable sensor cover to prevent this from happening.

Redesigned Hardware

The Hey abby Grow Box is designed to provide a growing experience that is both stylish and functional. Hooks have been added to the tank to make it more user-friendly when changing water, and the fan section has been redesigned to be more aesthetic to our users.

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