Tips Collection of Flowering Stage

The flowering stage is when plants transition from vegetative growth, revealing their sex, and start producing resin-rich buds.

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Cannabis will grow rapidly during the flowering stage, which will cause instability of the pH. For better results, it's better to maintain the pH around 5.5~6 during the flowering stage, and change water and fertilizer every three days, the hey abby app's calendar feature will remind you when to do that.

Here is a temporary method to increase the pH.

Ingredients require: baking soda.

When ph<5, add 1/8th Tspn = 0.63ml baking soda into the reservoir.

In addition, LST (Low Stress Training) and Trimming are required as the cannabis plants grow.


Flushing means giving plants only plain water with lower pH 5.6~5.7 for weeks before harvest for better flavor as the result. When flush is done correctly, the leaves will start to fade, which is a good sign.

Although it’s normal to see some amount of yellowing before harvest, it’s important to harvest before the sugar leaves on the buds themselves have turned yellow. Although this doesn’t affect the quality of the buds, it does affect the appearance and buds aren’t as pretty. Additionally, once all the leaves have turned yellow your plant won’t really mature a whole lot more, and buds can start to deteriorate quickly.

  • When is the Point of Flushing Before Harvest?

  • Wait until harvest window is almost open

  • Milky or amber?

  • In the earliest part of the harvest window, at least 40-50% of the white hairs have darkened and curled in.

Harvest Your Plants

After the flushing period, your plants should appear a lot lighter than they did at the beginning. It’s time to harvest! (7~10 days)

Drying Process

The drying process is usually shorter when wet trimming because most of the plant material is trimmed away first and there is less plant to dry.When wet trimming, you’ll place trimmed buds on a drying rack.

Check drying buds after two days by bending a branch or stem—if the stem snaps, that means buds are fully dry. If they don’t snap, leave them and check the next day.

Pack buds loosely in containers without compacting or crushing them. Seal containers and store in a cool, dry, dark place.


Place your container in a dark, cool place.

After curing cannabis, you can store buds for up to two years without much loss of potency.

properly dried and cured cannabis is best when kept in a cool, dark place—mildew and other molds on cannabis and organic matter thrive in temperatures between 77-86°F

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