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Mastering Plant Height Measurement with Hey abby Grow Box
Mastering Plant Height Measurement with Hey abby Grow Box
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Plant height measuring sensor in Hey abby indoor growing systems allows growers to precisely gauge their plant's growth and make informed decisions for optimal cultivation.

In this article, we will explore how to use the height measure sensor effectively and ensure accurate measurements for your green companions.

Unlocking the Height Measure Sensor

Each Hey abby grow box is equipped with a height measuring sensor located on top of the unit. To access this feature, simply open the hey abby app (IOS) and navigate to the home page. Here, you will find a digital image of your plant.

Hey abby APP_plant height measurement

Step-by-Step Measurement

  1. Double Tap the Digital Plant:

    To initiate the height measurement, double-tap on the digital plant icon. The hey abby app will activate the height measure sensor, ready to gauge your plant's growth.

  2. Observe the Digital Plant's Change:

    As you double-tap, the digital plant will respond accordingly, adjusting its appearance to reflect the current height of your real plant. This dynamic representation provides a visual indicator of your plant's progress.

  3. Minimum Height:

    It's essential to note that the height measure sensor is most accurate when measuring plants that are at least 8 inches (20cm) tall. For smaller plants, accurate measurements may be challenging due to their size.

Note: To obtain precise and reliable measurements of your plant's height, it's crucial to create an optimal environment for the height measure sensor. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Clear the Top Area: Before measuring, ensure that there are no obstructions above your plant, such as USB fans, towels, or any objects that might interfere with the sensor's accuracy.

  2. Avoid Movement During Measurement: For the most accurate reading, minimize any movement or shaking of the grow box while taking measurements. A stable environment ensures dependable results.

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