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User Manual | Hey abby Microscope Lens 400X
User Manual | Hey abby Microscope Lens 400X

Learn how to observe trichomes using the Hey abby Microscope Lens. Learn how to identify your smartphone's wide camera.

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Introducing the Hey abby Premium Microscope Lens that fits your smartphone and provides up to 400x magnification. It's the perfect tool to determine if your plant is ready for flushing and harvest.

Set-Up Guide

Follow these steps to set the lens up:

  • Remove the lens cover and align the hole against the wide camera* of your phone.

  • Screw the lens securely in place.

  • Replace the lens cover and you're ready to observe the trichomes!

  • Not sure what you're looking for? Consult our trichomes guide

*The wide camera refers to the main camera on the back of your phone. Wide cameras are typically located in either the top left or top right corner of the device. Specific placement may vary depending on the phone brand and model. If you're still not sure, please consult the product specifications on the device's official website.

More Tips for the Best Performance

  1. Once you've securely screwed in the lens, remember to press the small button to activate the light.

    Hey abby Microscope Lens 400X_turn light on
    Hey abby Microscope Lens 400X_turn light on

  2. Position your lens close to the plants. As you zoom in with your phone, fine-tune the distance between the lens and plants to discover the optimal focal point.

    Hey abby Microscope Lens 400X_zoom in

  3. Tap the center cube on your phone screen to attain accurate macro focusing (applicable to all phone models)

Hey abby Microscope Lens 400X_focal point

For reference, we've provided some examples of popular phone models. The circle shows the wide camera on the device.

Apple iPhone

Samsung Galaxy

Google Pixel





Sony Xperia

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