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How to Choose a Healthy Cannabis Clone from a Dispensary
How to Choose a Healthy Cannabis Clone from a Dispensary

Learn how to choose a healthy cannabis clone from a dispensary to ensure genetic consistency and quality of your final yield.

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Why a Good Cannabis Clone is Crucial

A good cannabis clone is crucial because it ensures genetic consistency and predictability in plant growth and yield. It also reduces the risk of pests, diseases, and other problems that can be carried over from inferior or unhealthy plants. Additionally, a healthy cannabis clone can lead to higher potency, better flavor, and overall improved quality of the final product.

Steps for Choosing a Healthy Cannabis Clone from a Dispensary

Step One: Choose a Clone that has Strong, White Roots

The roots of a cannabis plant play a crucial role in absorbing nutrients and providing stability, making it essential to select a clone with healthy, sturdy roots that are white and actively growing through the growing medium.

The picture above is an example of a "bad" clone due to the lack of root development and the stem tissue being soft and flimsy. For a clone to be ready it must have healthy roots coming out of the bottom of the rockwool cube.

Below is an example of a healthy clone ready for vegetation. This plant has healthy roots, which allows the stem to be more sturdy and strong.

Step Two: Choose a Clone that is Free from Pests/Diseases

It's important to check for signs of environmental stressors and pests that can not only harm the plant but can also contaminate your Hey abby grow box or garden. Look for clones with intact leaves and stems, free from any bites, mites, or spotting.

Example of bad clone (left) and good clone (right)

Once you’ve found the perfect clone, it’s time to insert them in your Hey abby automated grow box.

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