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How to Perform Topping on a Cannabis Plant (week 2 of the veg stage)
How to Perform Topping on a Cannabis Plant (week 2 of the veg stage)

Cannabis topping is the practice of cutting a plant's main stem in veg, promoting bushier growth & higher yields.

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Topping in the Hey abby Grow Box

The goal of topping is to break the plant's tendency to grow one main cola and encourage more lateral branches and will help to promote bushier growth. It usually takes place in week 2 of the vegetation stage when the plant has developed at least six nodes.

To effectively implement topping within the Hey abby Grow Box system, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the plant has at least six nodes.

  2. Identify the main stem or "leader" of the plant. This is the central stem that runs from the base of the plant to the top.

  3. Use a clean, sharp pruner to make a clean cut on the main stem just above the second set of leaves. This will remove the apical meristem, which is the growth tip of the stem.

After completing the topping process, the plant's growing energy will shift towards the development of its lateral branches.

Why Topping Matters for Indoor Hydroponic Cannabis Growers

In an indoor hydroponic system like the Hey abby Grow Box, topping is particularly important for several reasons:

  1. Space Management: Indoor hydroponic systems often have limited space, making it crucial to manage plant height and structure effectively. Topping helps to keep plants compact, preventing them from outgrowing the available space or reaching too close to the lights.

  2. Light Distribution: By promoting lateral growth and a more even canopy, topping ensures that light is more evenly distributed across the plant. This leads to healthier growth and increased bud production throughout the plant.

  3. Improved Yields: With multiple main colas, topped plants can produce a higher yield compared to untrained plants with a single main cola.

  4. Better Air Circulation: Topping creates a more open plant structure, allowing for improved air circulation around the branches and leaves. This reduces the risk of mold, mildew, and other common cannabis pests and diseases.


Topping is a critical technique for indoor hydroponic cannabis growers using systems like the Hey abby Grow Box. By understanding the importance of topping and applying it effectively, you can manage plant height, improve light distribution, and ultimately increase your cannabis yield. With the right knowledge and techniques, topping can become a valuable tool in your arsenal for successful indoor hydroponic cannabis cultivation.

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