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How to tell if my fans are functioning properly?
How to tell if my fans are functioning properly?

Not sure if the fans are functioning properly? Follow these simple instructions.

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Smart Fan Features

Hey abby's smart fan control system stops both the top and bottom fans when the door is opened. This design serves two purposes:

  1. The top fans (exhaust fans) are close to the carbon filter. This design ensures that users do not accidentally cut themselves when changing the carbon filter.

  2. The bottom fans (intake fans) stop when the door is opened. This is because growers may need to do trimming, and open fans would blow leaves and trimmings everywhere.

Some growers have a hunch that the fan might not be working because of the design above. However, keep in mind that the fan has typically a lifespan of more than 5 years and is not very easy to break.

Fan Check Tips

To confirm if the fan is working, you can turn off the auto fan mode and control the fan while the door is open. Slide the bar to 10 and you should see the fan working. Afterward, you can go back to auto mode.

In very rare cases where the fan is not working, please contact our support team.

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