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What Light Cycles do I need for growing Cannabis
What Light Cycles do I need for growing Cannabis

Optimize cannabis growth with optimal light cycles. Learn about 18/6, 24/0, and 12/12 cycles, and Hey abby's automated grow system

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Cannabis cultivation involves various techniques and practices to produce high-quality plants with maximum yields. One critical aspect of cannabis cultivation is the light cycle that plants receive during different stages of growth. In this article, we will discuss the three commonly used light cycles and their benefits and drawbacks.

Light Cycles for Vegetative Stage

During the vegetative stage, cannabis plants require adequate light for healthy growth while also allowing for rest periods. Most growers prefer an 18/6 light cycle, providing 18 hours of light and six hours of darkness. This light cycle ensures healthy plant growth while maintaining optimal energy consumption. However, some growers prefer a 24/0 light cycle to maximize growth potential, although this can be more energy-intensive and not necessarily more beneficial.

Light Cycles for Flowering Stage

During the flowering stage, cannabis plants require a 12/12 light cycle to trigger bud formation and maturation. Switching to a 12/12 light cycle signals the plant to shift its focus from vegetative growth to producing buds. This light cycle stimulates the production of essential oils and terpenes, improving the quality of the buds.

Adjusting Light Cycles

In general, it is recommended to use at least an 18/6 light schedule during the vegetative stage and switch to a 12/12 cycle during the flowering stage. However, growers can adjust the light cycle as long as plants receive more than 12 hours of light per day. Some growers prefer a 20/4 or 22/2 cycle for vegetative growth. It is generally not recommended to use a 24/0 light cycle for the entire life cycle of the plant, as this can result in decreased yields and overall plant health.

Exceptions and Considerations

It is worth noting that autoflowering strains of cannabis may have different light cycle requirements. Additionally, different strains may have unique optimal light cycle requirements based on their genetic makeup and growing conditions. Therefore, it is crucial for growers to research and understand the specific needs of their plants to maximize their growth potential.

Hey abby: An Automated Grow System

Hey abby is a fully automated indoor hydroponic grow system designed to provide optimal conditions for growing plants. The system uses intelligent algorithms generated automatically based on the different stages of the plants, making it easy for beginners to grow successfully with maximized yields. Additionally, Hey Abby offers an app that allows users to connect with other growers and receive expert advice and live 1-on-1 support throughout the plant's lifecycle.


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