Germination Guide

Cannabis germination is the initial stage of growth, where seeds sprout & form seedlings.

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What is Germination

Cannabis seed germination is the first stage in growing your own cannabis plants. It is an essential step that must be done correctly to ensure the health and vitality of your plant. During this stage, the seed will sprout and begin to develop roots and a stem. It is important to provide the seed with the right conditions to promote healthy growth, such as moisture, warmth, and light. Once the seed has sprouted, it can be transplanted into a grow sponge and moved onto the next stage of growth.

Using the Hey abby Seed Kit for Successful Germination

During this stage, the grow light will be on for about 18 hours at a lower capacity, which will keep your plant safe. We recommend using the Hey abby seed kit (included with the grow box purchase), which allows you to germinate and easily transplant your strain into your grow box. The hey abby app comes with a comprehensive guide that will take you through the process, ensuring that you don't miss any important steps.

* To ensure successful germination, begin by choosing top-notch seeds from reputable seed banks. Here are some trusted options backed by numerous Hey abby growers for their reliability.

Tips for Successful Seed Sprouting

When your seed has sprouted, make sure the roots are sticking out of the sponge. This is a critical step that ensures your plant gets enough nutrients from the sponge.

If you're having trouble sprouting the seed, here are some tips that can help you out:

  • Soak your seed in water and place the cup in the refrigerator overnight. This will help to break the seed's dormancy and encourage germination.

  • Get the seed out and refill with warm water. This will provide the seed with the necessary moisture it needs for germination.

  • Check if they can sprout within two days. If the seed hasn't sprouted after two days, it may not be viable, and you may need to try a new seed.

Moving Forward After Germination

After the seed has sprouted, place the seed in the grow sponge and follow the instructions in the app. The app will guide you through the different stages of growth, providing you with tips and suggestions on how to optimize your plant's growth.

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